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Dartmouth Releases ‘Action Plan for Inclusive Excellence’

Students arm-in-arm

“We stand together and commit our institution to cultural change,” say College leaders.

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Senior Fellows’ Projects: Gay Identity, Climate-Change Activism

David Cordero ’16 and Leehi Yona ’16

 Leehi Yona ’16 and David Cordero ’16 research social issues in yearlong fellowships.

Final Diversity and Inclusivity Forums Look to the Future

Class of 2019 Twilight Ceremony

The initiatives could bring “profound and lasting change,” says President Hanlon.

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Art Contest Winners Receive Awards From Class of 1961

Lindsey Lam ’15

The artwork pays tribute to the statue of Robert Frost given by the alumni in 1996.

Dartmouth Poll Shows Clinton Edging Trump in New Hampshire

Students at the Rockefeller Center’s Policy Research Shop conduct phone surveys for the 2016 State of the State Poll

Rockefeller Center students’ Policy Research Shop work grabs national headlines.

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Geoff Parker: Designing a Leaner, More Reliable Energy Grid

Geoff Parker

Thayer’s new director of the Master of Engineering Management program talks business and tech.

Two Undergraduates Named Udall Scholars

 JoRee LaFrance ’17 and Helen Thomas ’18 are among 60 students to receive the award.

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Formula Hybrid Contest: 10 Years of Experiential Learning

The Thayer event features hybrid and electric racecars built by engineering students

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Taking the Classroom—and Warm Clothes—to the Far North

students explored the Groulx region on cross-country skis

Annual trip to northern Quebec helps students learn survival skills, teamwork, and much more.

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Diversity and Inclusion: ‘Differences Make Us Better’

Rainbow flag

Chairs talk about review of existing efforts to foster diversity and inclusivity.

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