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Experiential Learning: Where Theory and Practice Meet

The Experiential Learning Initiative brings the classroom to the world—and vice versa.

Cybersecurity Boot Camp for Community College Students

Group of students taking part in SISMAT bootcamp

Dartmouth welcomes New Hampshire students for intensive computer security training.

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For Geisel: Grant for International Research Ethics Training

Associate Professor of Medicine Richard Waddell

The grant will help support the medical school’s continued work in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Geisel’s Deborah Hogan Receives National Mentorship Award

Deborah Hogan

The associate professor received the award for her research excellence and commitment to mentoring.

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Lee Lynd Discovers New Ways to Turn Plants Into Fuels

Professor Lee Lynd

 “I am about trying to find things that work,” says the professor of engineering.

An Ancient Greek Sword, a Pacifist, and a Senior Project

Thomas Rover

Thomas Rover ’16, a student of classical Greece, uses a sword to study ancient infantry tactics.

Nivi Nagaraj ’16—an Engineer and a Dancer

Professor Douglas Van Citters  and Nivedita (Nivi) Nagaraj ’16

The biomedical engineering major researches orthopedics and performs Indian dance.

The Rise of the Physician Innovator

The Dartmouth Institute’s Chris Trimble

The Dartmouth Institute’s Chris Trimble has created a virtual seminar series about these innovators.

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With Art, Amy Zhang ’17 Illuminates Science

Amy Zhang ’17

An undergraduate works with professors to unlock doors to understanding science.

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Come to Think of It—or Not: How Memories Can Be Forgotten

says. He is the study’s lead author and an assistant professor of psychological

Dartmouth’s Jeremy Manning led a study about how one can deliberately “forget” unpleasant memories.

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