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Let’s Talk Turkey

The bird’s circuitous route to the modern-day Thanksgiving table actually began in Mexico.

$20 Million in Gifts Furthers Hanlon’s Cluster Initiative

The new funding will support interdisciplinary research in neuroscience and digital humanities.

Rock Star Fossil Hunter Lee Berger Visits Dartmouth

The paleoanthropologist spends time with Dartmouth students during a two-day visit.

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Professors Win Apgar Award for Innovation in Teaching

Professor Julie Hruby

Julie Hruby and Deborah Nichols join forces to probe the past in a new course.

Research Suggests GPS May Be Operating Inside Our Heads

Investigation of the mental map may offer clues to treating Alzheimer’s, among other things.

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Japan's GHIT Funds Geisel Researchers’ Second TB Trial

A view of Hanover from the green

The trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of DAR-901, a booster TB vaccine, in adolescents.

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Anne Kapuscinski Is Chair of Union of Concerned Scientists

The professor has been an adviser to the U.S. secretary of agriculture under three administrations.

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National Academy of Medicine Inducts Dartmouth Economist

Professor Douglas Staiger

Professor Douglas Staiger is honored for his application of economics to health care.

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Thalia Wheatley on the Brain, the Self, and a Sense of Wonder

Associate Professor Thalia Wheatley

The associate professor says finding answers to three particular questions would make her very happy.

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Teaching Fellows Pave the Path for Science Students

Recent Dartmouth graduates shepherd undergrads through introductory science courses.

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