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Mukul Sharma on the Stories Rocks, Oceans, and Planets Tell

Professor of Earth Sciences Mukul Sharma

The professor of earth sciences says his focus has changed from the seas to the sun.

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Heidi Williams ’03 Named MacArthur ‘Genius’

Heidi Williams ’03

The MIT economist studies the forces that drive or prevent innovation in health care markets.

Top of Their Game: Meet Dartmouth’s New Endowed Professors

Kathryn Cottingham

Kathryn Cottingham is the Dartmouth Professor in the Arts and Sciences.

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Seeing the Light ... and Measuring It

fossum ma lab

Professor Eric Fossum and a graduate student produce a breakthrough for photography.

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Building Medical School’s Future Discussed at Town Meetings

Geisel School sign

“The success and academic excellence of Geisel is critical to Dartmouth,” says President Hanlon.

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Geisel Receives $5 Million NIH Grant for Health Study

The medical school will use the funds to study motivation and behavioral change to improve health.

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Video: Understanding a Newly Discovered Human Ancestor

The braincase of a composite male skull of H. naledi

Dartmouth’s Jeremy DeSilva talks about why the discovery of Homo naledi is so significant.

Video: Jeremy DeSilva Talks About Discovery of ‘Homo Naledi’

‘Homo Naledi’

Dartmouth’s DeSilva and his colleagues have concluded that the fossils belong to a new human ancestor.

Professor Is Part of Unprecedented Fossil Discovery

Paleoanthropologist Jeremy DeSilva

Paleoanthropologist Jeremy DeSilva is on an international team analyzing the South Africa find.

DJ Spooky Album Explores Universe With Dartmouth Scientists

“The Hidden Code,” album cover thumb nail

Professors Stephon Alexander and Marcelo Gleiser will perform at the premiere of “The Hidden Code.”


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