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Dartmouth Releases ‘Action Plan for Inclusive Excellence’

Students arm-in-arm

“We stand together and commit our institution to cultural change,” say College leaders.

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With Art, Amy Zhang ’17 Illuminates Science

Amy Zhang ’17

An undergraduate works with professors to unlock doors to understanding science.

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Senior Fellows’ Projects: Gay Identity, Climate-Change Activism

David Cordero ’16 and Leehi Yona ’16

 Leehi Yona ’16 and David Cordero ’16 research social issues in yearlong fellowships.

Final Diversity and Inclusivity Forums Look to the Future

Class of 2019 Twilight Ceremony

The initiatives could bring “profound and lasting change,” says President Hanlon.

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Seven Scholars Named to the Society of Fellows

The postdoctoral students will be participating in the second year of President Hanlon’s initiative.

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Come to Think of It—or Not: How Memories Can Be Forgotten

says. He is the study’s lead author and an assistant professor of psychological

Dartmouth’s Jeremy Manning led a study about how one can deliberately “forget” unpleasant memories.

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Can Robot Artists Create Human-Quality Work? Not Yet

Turing Test participants

Robots would be starving artists if they tried to write literature or poetry.

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N. Bruce Duthu ’80 to Lead International and Interdisciplinary Programs

N. Bruce Duthu ’80

The new associate dean brings a wealth of experience, says Dean Michael Mastanduno.

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New Faculty Bring Wide-Ranging Expertise to Dartmouth

Grid image of 32 faculty members

The 36 faculty members are committed to the power of the liberal arts, says Dean Michael Mastanduno.

$25 Million Gift Propels Expansion of Dartmouth Engineering

Thayer School

The gift honors Barry MacLean ’60, Thayer ’61, and is Thayer School’s largest gift.

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