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Why We Love Aliens (NPR)

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Dartmouth’s Marcelo Gleiser says alien life forms “are a repository of our deepest fears and hopes.”

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Check the Science: Being Trans Is Not a ‘Choice’ (Ozy)

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Being transgender has its origins, but they do not lie in choice, says Geisel’s Leslie Henderson.

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Alexis Pappas ’12: Far From Her Lane (‘The New York Times’)

The alumna and former Big Green track star has won a place on Greece’s 2016 Olympic team in the 10K.

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Eric Fanning ’90 Sworn In as Army Secretary (‘Army Times’)

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The alumnus will be the Army’s top civilian leader.

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Entrepreneurs Help Area Nonprofits (‘Valley News’)

The Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network hosted a competition modeled on high-tech world “pitch” events.

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Eric Fanning ’90 Is Secretary of Army (‘The New York Times’)

Senate confirmation makes the alumnus the highest-ranking openly gay official ever at the Pentagon.

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How Brazenly Can a Candidate Lie? (‘Los Angeles Times’)

Dartmouth’s Brendan Nyhan says Donald Trump’s “cost-free dissembling may be coming to an end.”

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Trump’s Success With Evangelicals (‘The Washington Post’)

Dartmouth’s Randall Balmer says the religious right is “susceptible to the panderings of politicians.”

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STEM Student Spotlight: Kaya Thomas ’17 (‘Scientific American’)

The undergraduate talks about discovering computer science and creating the app We Read Too.

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How to Banish Bad Memories (‘The Daily Mail’)

Dartmouth’s Jeremy Manning talks about a new study on ways to deliberately forget bad experiences.

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