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Where Freshmen Like to Return (‘U.S. News & World Report’)

Dartmouth ranks among the top 10 colleges and universities for high first-year student retention.

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Robots Can Build Cars, But Can They Write a Sonnet? (‘Fortune’)

The Neukom Institute is challenging researchers to develop algorithms for “creative intelligence.”

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Gay Marriage Coast to Coast (‘Valley News’)

Two recent Master of Arts in Liberal Studies graduates weigh in on the Supreme Court’s decision.

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Why This Doctor Went to Culinary School (Yahoo News)

“Not much holds me back from new adventures,” says Julia Nordgren MED ’99.

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Fulbright Will Take Alumnus to Colombia (‘Chicago Tribune’)

The award will allow Jake Levine ’15 to spend a year teaching English in Medellin.

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The Hottest New Accessory for Songbirds (


Peter Marra, PhD ’99, and a Smithsonian colleague use a tiny backpack to document birds’ travels.

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Scholars Gather at Dartmouth (‘San Francisco Chronicle’)

SF Chronicle

Graduate students from both sides of the Atlantic will attend the annual French culture institute.

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New Drugs Might Prevent Migraines (‘U.S. News & World Report’)

Geisel School of Medicine researchers are closing in on new drugs to help migraine sufferers.

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Sell a Disease to Sell a Drug (‘The Washington Post’)

TDI’s Lisa Schwartz and Steven Woloshin discuss ‘low-T” and the over-prescribing of testosterone.

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In Computer Science, a Little Mentoring Goes a Long Way (PRI)

Neha Narula ’03 says the mentoring she received at Dartmouth helped her succeed in her field.

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