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10 Dartmouth ‘Alumni’ Who Never Went to Dartmouth (BuzzFeed)

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They may not be real people, but they really have the “granite of New Hampshire in their muscles and their brains.”

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Move Over Will Shortz—An English Major Debuts a ‘Times’ Puzzle (‘The New York Times’)

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English and film studies major Andrew Kingsley ’16 has penned the Friday crossword. 

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Swipe Right to Connect Young People to HIV Testing (‘The New York Times’)

Young people need better access to HIV testing, says Geisel’s Tim Lahey.

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Preparing for the Next Zika (‘Nature Biotechnology’)

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Money is not enough to guarantee success fighting emerging diseases, writes Geisel’s Kendall Hoyt.

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Elsa Garmire Recalls the Origins of Laser Light Shows (‘Science Friday’)

The Thayer optics expert talks about making art from lasers 40 years ago.

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Shakespeare’s Iconic Characters Live On (The Conversation)

The Bard’s imprint can be seen in today’s TV shows and films, writes Dartmouth’s Brett Gamboa.

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The Once and Future Superpower (‘Foreign Affairs’)

Dartmouth’s Stephen Brooks and William Wohlforth weigh in on why China will not overtake the U.S.

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The Paradoxes of Ted Cruz (Religion & Politics)

Professor Randall Balmer writes about the candidate’s self-proclaimed ties to evangelicalism.

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Clear-Cutting Undermines Carbon Storage in Forest Floor (UPI)

A Dartmouth study measures the effects of clear-cutting on carbon storage.

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Studio A Presents ‘The Road to NY’ (Interlochen Public Radio)

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A work by composer Ashley Fure will have its world premiere in New York City.

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