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Good Vibrations Key to Insect Communication (NPR)

Neukom Fellow Laurel Symes, PhD ’13, talks about her research on how crickets communicate.

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Tackling Goes High-Tech at Dartmouth (ABC News)

The “Mobile Virtual Player” made its official debut on the first day of the Big Green’s football practice.

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Trump: The Green Lantern Candidate (‘The New York Times’)

Dartmouth’s Brendan Nyhan explains why the GOP candidate fits the “Green Lantern” pattern.

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China Extends Its Black Monday Stocks Sell-Off (Al Jazeera)

Professor David Blanchflower discusses China’s stock market plunge.

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Connie Britton ’89 on Her Role in ‘American Ultra’ (‘TIME’)

“It’s shaped the person that I am,” says the alumna about being a Chinese major at Dartmouth.

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Dodging Torture (Again) (The Huffington Post)

Dartmouth’s William Cheng says the American public needs to know candidates’ stance on torture.

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Damaging Currents in Space Affect Earth’s Equatorial Region (The Conversation)

Dartmouth’s Alexa Halford co-authors an opinion piece about the effects of “space weather.”

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‘Female Viagra’: How Big Pharma Used Feminism (BuzzFeed News)

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“It’s politicizing what should be a scientific judgment,” says Dartmouth’s Steven Woloshin.

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What Motivated Teenage Girls to Join ISIS? (PBS NewsHour)

PBS News Hour video

Lecturer Steven Simon says young women can have roles in ISIS as violent as the roles men have.

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The Logic Behind Google’s Alphabet (‘Harvard Business Review’)

Tuck’s Kevin Lane Keller talks about what Google can learn from other top brands.

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