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The First Step to Being a Superboss (Quartz)

Tuck's Sydney Finkelstein says great bosses and failed bosses have something in common.

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Campaigns Show the Downside of Dynasties (‘The New York Times’)

Dartmouth’s Brendan Nyhan writes about the potential political cost of family connections.

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The Wage Curve: Important New Evidence ('The Washington Post')

Dartmouth professors' research is highlighted in a column about bargaining power and the wage curve.

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What Do Young U.S. Voters Want? (BBC)

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Charlotte Blatt ’18 says students “have had so much access to political candidates from both parties.”

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Are the Media Killing the N.H. Primary? (‘The Conversation’)

Dartmouth’s Linda Fowler says the first-in-the-nation primary’s “relevance is in doubt.”

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New Dawn for a Dashing Casanova ('The Wall Street Journal')

Wall Street Journal

The newspaper features a new translation, by Dartmouth’s Dennis Washburn, of The Tale of Genji.

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Trump and His Opponents’ Supporters ('The Washington Post')

Dartmouth’s Sean Westwood and Joseph Bafumi say some research suggests Trump won’t get those votes.

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A Composer’s Beautiful Noise (‘The New York Times’)

Assistant Professor Ashley Fure is “one of the finest young composers around,” writes the Times.

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How Bloomberg Could Change Politics ('U.S. News & World Report')

Dartmouth’s Charles Wheelan ’88 says the politician has the potential to alter the political landscape.

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Is Bernie Sanders Right About Health Care? (CNN)

Dartmouth’s H. Gilbert Welch discusses the idea of universal health care coverage.

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