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Pataki Pitches Over Pizza (‘Valley News’)

The Republican presidential hopeful and former New York governor spoke Monday at Dartmouth.

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Dartmouth Startup Cleans Up in Contest (‘Valley News’)

College entrepreneurs dominate a day-long convening of tech leaders with AOL founder Steve Case.

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No Place Like Homeland (The Huffington Post)

Dartmouth’s Jeffrey Ruoff writes about “the most significant work of art to come out of the Iraq war.”

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The 40 Best College Farms (College Ranker)

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Dartmouth’s Organic Farm is noted for student projects, research opportunities, and hands-on learning.

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Professor on New Economic Advisory Committee (LabourList)

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Dartmouth’s David Blanchflower is among the renowned economists appointed to the committee.

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An Admissions Revolution (Inside Higher Ed)

Dartmouth is among 80 colleges and universities reversing a long-held approach to applications.

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From Homeless Shelter to Dartmouth (‘Journal Sentinel’)

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“When you take initiative, great things happen,” says Erika Johnson ’17.

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Holocaust Museum Aims to Prevent Mass Killings (‘Newsweek’)

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With Dartmouth’s help, the museum developed a tool to predict the likelihood of mass killings.

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Dartmouth: Helping Prevent Sexual Assault (Huffington Post)

The College is seeing results from its work to enlist students’ support in making the campus safer.

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Tool Aims to Predict Mass Killings (‘The New York Times’)

The Holocaust Museum hopes the tool, which Dartmouth helped develop, will predict and prevent mass violence.

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