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Dartmouth Community Members in Paris Accounted for, Safe

The College has been in touch with students studying in Paris and with undergraduates from Paris.

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Paganucci Fellows Bridge Education Gap

dartmouth fellows in china

Six undergraduate Paganucci Fellows interned as consultants for Beijing’s Dandelion School.

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Anthropologist: New Human Ancestor’s Feet Are Like Our Own

Jeremy DeSilva

Associate Professor Jeremy DeSilva has analyzed the feet of Homo naledi fossils.

Dickey Center Director Testifies on U.S.-Syria Strategy

Daniel Benjamin

Daniel Benjamin provided testimony to a U.S. House of Representatives’ subcommittee.

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Opera for Everyone: Making the Next DartmouthX Class

Steve Swayne in front of Dartmouth Hall

Professor Swayne’s “OperaX” class launches Oct. 13—and is open for registration now.

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Video: Understanding a Newly Discovered Human Ancestor

The braincase of a composite male skull of H. naledi

Dartmouth’s Jeremy DeSilva talks about why the discovery of Homo naledi is so significant.

Video: Jeremy DeSilva Talks About Discovery of ‘Homo Naledi’

‘Homo Naledi’

Dartmouth’s DeSilva and his colleagues have concluded that the fossils belong to a new human ancestor.

Professor Is Part of Unprecedented Fossil Discovery

Paleoanthropologist Jeremy DeSilva

Paleoanthropologist Jeremy DeSilva is on an international team analyzing the South Africa find.

Dartmouth to Be Represented at Alaska GLACIER Meeting

Institute of Arctic Studies’ Ross Virginia has a “hot ticket” to the Anchorage climate talks.

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Dartmouth Co-Leads International Teens in Arctic Research

A new NSF grant supports College leadership in a high school science outreach program.

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