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DartArt: ‘A Round,’ by Jenny X. Qian ’10

Savannah Liu ’18 explains why the piece is her favorite work of art on campus.

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Meet the New Associate Deans in Arts and Sciences

Jay Hull, Elizabeth Smith, and Barbara Will take up their new roles on July 1.

Shakespeare Students Present Papers at Literature Conference


Students from Professor Thomas Luxon’s English 15 class get a taste of professional scholarship.

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Code, Coins, and Classics

Diana Salsbury ’15

Diana Salsbury ’15 talks about how she has combined her interests in classics and programming.

Creativity, Cathedrals, and Collaboration in Computer Science

Emily Whiting posing inside a cathedral

Assistant Professor Emily Whiting applies computer graphics to architecture, art, and entertainment.

DartArt: Conflict and Harmony in Melvin Edwards’ ‘Chaino’

Patrick Kang ’17 explains why ‘Chaino’ is his favorite work of art on campus.

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Upcoming Events: Open House at Thayer School of Engineering

Krystyna Miles ’16, left, and Shinri Kamei ’16, right

Thayer’s annual expo will include tours, demonstrations, and hands-on activities.

Hopkins Center Director Jeff James Announces His Retirement

After a decade at the arts center, James will continue at its helm through the summer.

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Upcoming Events: Musical Synergy from The Nile Project

New music from the Nile River Basin arrives in the Upper Valley.

Hood Welcomes Celebrated Nigerian Artist Victor Ekpuk

Victor Ekpuk, “Santa Fe,” 2013, graphite and pastel on paper. (Collection of Fidelity Investments, Albuquerque, New Mexico. © Victor Ekpuk)

The “Auto-Graphics” exhibition, featuring recent work by Ekpuk, opens April 18.

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