Class of 2014: What’s Next? (Part One)

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This is the first of a two-part series.

For the Class of 2014, the world is a place of opportunity. It’s clear that this is a group of young people with commitment and ambition. Some will enter doctoral programs, some will travel, some will become teachers, and some are taking time off before starting their careers.

So what can you do with a Dartmouth degree? The possibilities are endless.

2014 graduates

First row, from left: Steffi Ostrowski and Charlotte Morris; in second row, from left: Pedro Hurtado Ortiz, Alexander Arnold, and Sandra Okonofua. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)

Pedro Hurtado Ortiz
Major: Comparative literature
Hometown: Managua, Nicaragua
Plans: I plan to work for a year and then go to graduate school to study literature.

Steffi Ostrowski
Major: Computer science and philosophy
Hometown: Oakmont, Pa.
Plans: I’ll be working as a software engineer at Facebook.

Alexander Arnold
Major: Music and psychology
Hometown: La Jolla, Calif.
Plans: I am attending the Berklee School of Music in Valencia, Spain, for a master’s in music technology innovation.

Charlotte Morris
Major: Psychology and religion
Hometown: Chevy Chase, Md.
Plans: I will be working in Malaysia on a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship.

Sandra Okonofua
Major: Psychology and sociology
Hometown: Silver Spring, Md.
Plans: I’ll be a high school biology teacher at Freire Charter School in Philadelphia, Pa.

2014 graduates

First row, from left: George Helding, Joseph Singh, and Pallavi Kuppa-Apte; in second row, from left: Eduardo Zapata and Victoria Trump Redd; in third row, from left: Anirudh Jayanti, Daniel Bornstein ’14, and Shari Liu. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)

George Helding
Major: Government and history
Hometown: Western Springs, Ill.
Plans: I will be working in the Office of Illinois Gov. Patrick Quinn in Chicago.

Anirudh Jayanti
Major: Economics and mathematics
Hometown: Shaker Heights, Ohio
Plans: I will be starting a PhD in economics at the University of Michigan.

Eduardo Zapata
Major: Film and media studies
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Plans: I’ll be teaching video production to middle and high school students at YES PREP Public Schools in Houston.

Joseph Singh
Major: Government
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Plans: As a Rhodes Scholar, I’ll be attending the University of Oxford in England for a degree in public policy.

Daniel Bornstein
Major: Geography
Hometown: Merrick, N.Y.
Plans: I’ll be a Lombard Fellow, working on the U.N.’s initiative on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation.

Victoria Trump Redd
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Portland, Ore.
Plans: I will be taking two years to work in a global health organization before beginning medical school in 2016.

Shari Liu
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Grafton, Mass.
Plans: I will be starting a PhD in developmental psychology at Harvard University.

Pallavi Kuppa-Apte
Major: Government and economics
Hometown: Chester Springs, Pa.
Plans: I’ll be traveling.

2014 graduates

From left: Ryan Tibble, Hanh Nguyen, Ying-Qi Wong, Gareth Roberg-Clark, Kwame Ohene-Adu, and Yoo Jung Kim. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)

Ryan Tibble
Major: Biophysical chemistry
Hometown: Fort Gratiot, Mich.
Plans: I will be spending a fifth year at Dartmouth as part of the chemistry department’s 4+1 Master’s in Biophysical Chemistry Program.

Hanh Nguyen
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Ha Noi, Vietnam
Plans: I will work as a business consultant at Applied Predictive Technologies in Arlington, Va.

Ying-Qi Wong
Major: Earth sciences
Hometown: Singapore
Plans: I will enter a PhD program in geophysics at Stanford University.

Gareth Roberg-Clark
Major: Physics
Hometown: Irvington, N.Y.
Plans: I’ll be pursuing a physics PhD at the University of Maryland.

Kwame Ohene-Adu
Major: Engineering sciences
Hometown: Accra, Ghana
Plans: I plan to work with FreshAir Sensor Corporation, a Hanover-based start-up, to develop the circuitry for a nicotine-sensing device for use in hotel rooms.

Yoo Jung Kim
Major: Biology
Hometown: Mukilteo, Wash.
Plans: I will be conducting genomics research at the National Institutes of Health. I will also be working with four fellow Dartmouth graduates, Andrew Zureick 13, Daniel Lee 13, Justin Bauer 12, and editor Christie Henry 91, to write a book for the University of Chicago Press titled “What Every College Science Student Should Know.”