Dancers Gather to Protest Violence Against Women (VPR)

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Vermont Public RadioLike others throughout the world on February 14, 2013, Dartmouth participants in a global campaign called “One Billion Rising” are “rising up” against abuse not by making speeches but by dancing, VPR reports.

Dartmouth’s dance-a-thon, organized by the Dartmouth Center for Gender and Student Engagement, is one of the events occurring as part of the campus-wide V-Week.

Jessica Jennrich, the director of the Center for Gender and Student Engagement, tells VPR that “people have a tendency to view violence in isolation in the community, in the campus climate, in a country, and this (event) kind of demystifies and breaks down the barriers and focuses on how we are all united in a way around women being oppressed through violence in all these different ways, but entirely as a planet.”

Listen to the full story, which aired 2/14/13 on VPR.